Billing and Rates

The Grant Law Firm offers a low-cost initial consultation. Meet us by appointment in our Fishtown office, or ask us to come to your location.

Our rates are competitive, and we charge on a sliding scale for non-profit organizations. We can bill hourly, or we can bill a flat fee for your matter or project — whatever works for you or your organization.

Contract Review Royalties and residuals, artist engagements, book and movie deals, commercial and residential leases, non-compete (restrictive covenants), EULAs, etc. The Grant Law Firm’s attorneys will review a contract for you and “translate” it from legalese to plain English. We will then explain your legal options and discuss how we can help you if you wish to proceed. We also draft and negotiate contracts, from simple releases and short-term employment contracts to complex End-User License Agreements, distribution deals, and representation contracts.

501(c)(3) and Other Tax-exempt, Non-profit Organization Consulting Your non-profit is unique, and you shouldn’t rely on one-size-fits-all documents you find on the Internet to meet the important legal needs of your organization. Our attorneys have extensive experience working and volunteering for non-profit companies, arts organizations, and public-interest groups. We know your time and funds are precious, so we work on a sliding scale. We can help you:

  • Incorporate your business entity in Pennsylvania or any state.

  • File for tax-exempt status (IRS Form 1023 or 1023-EZ, and related forms).
  • Secure tax-exempt certificates from the Commonwealth or other state.
  • Register with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations (and other states’ offices, as necessary).
  • Draft your organization’s by-laws and corporate governance documents in compliance with generally accepted best practices.
  • Or review your currently existing governance documents, perform a gap analysis, and improve and modernize your documents.
  • Move past your foundation stage and into your growth stage with counseling on board development, strategic planning, and complex governance structures.

We will negotiate our flat fee with your organization on a sliding scale, depending on what services you need and the size of your organization. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Free and Open Source Software Consulting The Grant Law Firm offers on-site training, license drafting, and one-on-one instruction in the various types of free and open source software (FOSS) licenses. We work with individual developers, boutique software companies, and major firms to craft licensing policies that make sense, and licenses that protect their interests and assets.

Not-so-free Software Consulting We draft and negotiate End-User License Agreements (EULAs) that strongly protect the intellectual property rights that you worked hard to develop.

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Negotiation and Counseling The Grant Law Firm works for artists to get them a favorable deal with record labels, book publishers, and film studios and distributors. As artist consultants, we can counsel you about the latest trends in business models that can help you make money. Our attorneys have many years of experience working with artists and non-profit organizations and running successful small businesses. Please contact us and benefit from our entrepreneurial expertise.

Copyright Registration and Preregistration Registering your work with the Copyright Office strengthens your position in the event of a copyright infringement dispute, and it can make the author eligible for statutory damages (a set amount of monetary compensation from the infringer) and attorney’s fees if a lawsuit against an infringer is successful. To better secure your rights to your work — including books, films, plays, and music — our attorneys will register and deposit a copy of your work with the U.S. Copyright Office, return all original certificates to you, and maintain copies of the certificates and paperwork in our secure offsite facility. The Grant Law Firm’s copyright registration package includes these services, plus counseling. Our copyright preregistration package includes the same, plus timely copyright registration later on for no extra charge.

Copyright Infringement Cases Is someone using your work without permission? The Grant Law Firm can counsel you on your options, from sending DMCA Internet take-down notices to YouTube to litigating copyright infringement suits. Please contact us for more information.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives The Grant Law Firm’s services in the area of estate planning start with a package including a simple will, a durable power of attorney, a health care directive (living will), a hospital visitation directive, a directive for the guardianship of minor children, and a form for burial instructions. This package includes a consultation with you either in our offices or at your home and any follow-up communications we may need in order to draft documents that best express your wishes.

Business Entity Formation For entrepreneurs, bands, artist co-ops, and anyone else who wants to start a business: bring your ideas — in absolute confidence — to our office and we’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways to form a business. Then we’ll draft your corporate governance documents and file your paperwork with the relevant commonwealth or state agency.

Bill Collection Rates are determined by personalizing them to your specific dispute. We can work on a contingent fee basis (we don’t get paid until you do), or we can work on an hourly paid basis. Please contact The Grant Law Firm for a preliminary quote.

Criminal Defense Please contact The Grant Law Firm for more information about handling a criminal defense matter.